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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one on one therapy that includes the therapist and only the client. Individuals are provided with a safe, relaxing, and confidential space to discuss their problems, with their therapist. I work with males, females and children to help resolve issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, grief, relationships issues.  

Family Therapy

Families are often an important contributor to an individual's personal well-being. Great family support and healthy communication are some of the most important influences in an individuals life. I work with families to establish health relationships, by assisting in resolving family conflicts, improving communication and discovering new ways to be supportive of one another.  

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, I work with couples to help them recognize and resolve their conflicts and improve their relationship. Couples are able to improve their communication skills, while rebuilding and strengthening their relationship.

Group Therapy

Learning new skills and techniques in a group setting has been proven to help individuals talk about how they feel in relation to each other. I offer weekly groups to help people deal with various behavioral issues such as depression, anger, trauma and anxiety. 

Online Therapy

Anxiety and Stress can strike anywhere-whether you are out of town for work, on vacation, or in the middle of a busy and stressful week. Virtual counseling is a convenient service designed to give you the flexibility to you to stay consistent with therapy and access safe, confidential, and quality therapy from anywhere in the world. 

Meet Dr. Cedrina M Ruffin, LCSW-S

Greetings!  I am Dr. Cedrina Ruffin a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 14 years of experience providing long-term and brief Social Work interventions to adults and children. I am a proud graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where I earned my Bachelor’s of Arts degree, Southern University at New Orleans , where I earned my Masters of Social Work degree, and Walden University where I earned my Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Social Work Administration.

Through individual, group, family and couples counseling, I have been able to therapeutically touch the lives of many individuals dealing with depression, grief, anxiety, behavioral, family and relationship issues, self-esteem, communication and personal and professional growth. Utilizing evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, it is my goal to help clients understand their feelings, emotions, and symptoms, while focusing on solving their problems as well as initiating a change in their behaviors, that serve as contributing factors to their negative symptoms.

I have always had a passion for helping others. I love to see others smile in happiness, living a life that was destined for them, and overcoming obstacles. Let me help you FIND YOUR PEACE!!!!



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My Approach
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